Fake It: Index

About You Taking Control
Fake it now and then

Chapter 1: Why ‘Privacy’ Is Important
Identity = Pieces of a Puzzle
Our Behavior Is Changing
Huge Identity Banks
We Worry About Privacy
Europe vs. Facebook
Radical Transparency
Lawmakers Step Into The Void

Chapter 2: You Are the Product
You Are Worth It
Consumers in the DarkConsumer in Charge
Digital Bill of Rights

Chapter 3: At Work: It’s My CV
You Post, You’re Toast
Social Profiling
What to post – and what not
Past Behavior Can Be Bought
Resistance Is Building

Chapter 4: On The Move: It’s My Phone
I Am At…
Please Rob Me
It’s My Contacts
Social Travel and Free WiFi
Find My Phone
Airline Passengers Mined and Stored

Chapter 5: Communication: It’s My Name
Reputation management
ID Theft
Piecing Together the wrong You
Not Even Your Email is Safe

Chapter 6: Consuming. It’s my Cookie
Behavioral Targeting and Individual Pricing
From Cookies to Even Worse
Social Discrimination
Targeting Your Pregnancy, Your Mood, Your Genes
Credit Card Theft

Chapter 7: Entertainment: It’s My Party
Sharing Addiction – And Regrets
Businesses Love Our Sharing
Sharing Faces
They Listen and Watch to What you Listen to and Watch
Books & Games Reveal A Lot
We are All Our Own Publishers

Chapter 8: Living: It’s My Body
Sharing Exercise Info
Tracking Your Sleep or Your Illnesses
Sharing Biometric Data
Genetic Discrimination
The Health Hacker Movement

Chapter 9: Dating & Mating. It’s My Romance
Facebook Wants It All
Beware of Facebook Apps
Porn is Safe, Flirting is Not
Keep a bit more of You to yourself

Chapter 10: Parenting: It’s My Future
Bullying is more visible
Facebook Wants Them Young
Children Overshare
Privacy from Parents While Protecting Themselves
Build Trust Before Monitoring

Chapter 11: Undercover: It’s My Opinion
The Bad and the Good
Terrorist, Activist, or a Privacy-minded Citizen?
Not Safer in the Cloud
The Right to Be Anonymous
When Anonymity Is Allowed

Chapter 12: Dying: It’s My Legacy
Letting the Heirs Take a Look
Manage your legacy while you can
What About Your Metadata
What to keep and what to toss?
The Right to be Forgotten

Chapter 13: Tools: How To
Step 1 – The Basic Ten Things To Do
Delete Your Cookies and Erase Your History
Use Google’s Privacy Tools But Avoid Too Much Google
What Not to Share On Social Networks
Use More Browsers
Use Pseudonyms for the Private You
Basic Facebook Safety
Basic Mobile Security
Keep Your Email Safe
Use and Remember Secure Passwords
Shop Securely With Your Credit Card

Step 2 – The Next Ten Things To Do
Use Blocking Tools in Your Browser
Use Private Browsing
Use Firefox for Porn Surfing
Disconnect Social Widgets
Advanced Facebook Safety
Mobile App Safety
Hide Your IP Address With VPN
Clean Up Your Reputation
Prevent ID Theft
Delete Your Files Securely

Step Three – The Next Ten Things To Do
Remove Time and Place in your Photos
Encrypt Email and Facebook
Encrypt Browsing
Encrypt Chat
Encrypt Social Sharing
Advanced Mobile Security
Keep Your Data and Backup on a Safe Server
Very Secure Communication
Control All Your Data in One Place
Delete Your Facebook Profile

All the Rest
Encrypt Cloud Storage
Use Disposable Phone Numbers
Use Fingerprint and USB Stick Passwords
Check Your Browser’s Fingerprint
Want to Kill Yourself on Twitter?
Removing Yourself from Youtube
Sharing iPad with Kids?
That’s Not Cool – Teaching Kids
Reusing Passwords?
Antivirus Software
Need Time Off from the Digital World?
Prepare For Your Death